2015- Industrial Visit- Hengs Technology Company & National Museum of Taiwan History

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”
― Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics

Education just through the textbooks is long gone and in today’s world a hands on education is more than just a necessity, it is a must.  National Cheng Kung University and its department of the International Bachelor Degree Program on Energy IBDP-E knows very well that in order to give a world class quality education they must not only have great outstanding professors but they must as well build close relationships between the academia, the industry, and the society.  It brings tremendous benefits to all the participants. The industry obtains benefits from the research done in the academia and rests assured that the students coming from the academia are well prepared to work. The students are exposed to real life events coming from the industries and they obtain a better understanding of what awaits them. Furthermore, society obtains better products from the industries and better labour.12065920_1012755568789670_3153606871310749180_n

In order to accomplish those important goals. The IBDP-E take the students once every semester on an industrial visit. This semester the students had the chance to visit HENGS Technology Co., Ltd which is a leading company in the solar energy application in Taiwan. In order to obtain the most benefits from this unique opportunity senior, sophomore, junior, and freshmen students were invited. This situation gives the senior students to understand more of what they have already learnt, and at the same time share their knowledge with their younger peers. This is a precious opportunity for everyone to learn.

Once at HEGNS HENGS Technology Co., Ltd headquarters the students are given a usefulDSC_1782 and informative lecture, so they can all know in more detail what the company does for society. At the same time, they let the students know of internship opportunities, job opportunities, and other benefits that they can obtain if they decide to join the company in the near future. After all the information is given and all the questions answered, the students are taken to their laboratory so they can see how the different components are assembled and how they measure the efficiency of their products as well. This is of great help for the learning process for the students.

After interacting with the industry sector, it was time to see what the industry does for society. Students were taken to the National Museum of Taiwan History located in Tainan City. This big museum has a great deal of solar panels which supply the electricity that DSC_1954the museum requires on daily bases. The breath-taking sceneries in the museum and the long day of learning gave the perfect excuse for all the students to enjoy a delicious lunch under trees. Afterwards, the students were invited for a guided tour of the museum where they had the chance to learn more about Taiwanese history.


These activities allow students to realize the importance of the academia in doing research for and with the industry, and how once working their actions will have a great impact on the society they are living in and in the world we are all living on.

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2015-Industrial Visit-Industrial Technology Research Institute

This time we went to I.T.R.I Hsin-Chu campus.  The package includes the ITRI Museum & Exibition Center, Research Teams from the Green Energy and Environment Laboratories. Also, we invited the chief of TechVenture Club to have a talk with us.

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[2015 Energy Summer Course] Energy & Meteorology co. University Oldenburg,Germany

Dear all,there’s gonna be a summer course co-conducted with professors from University Oldenburg, Germany. Please reserve you time for this course if you’re interested. We plan to grant 3 credits for this course if you pass the exams and complete other requirements. 暑期與德國 University Oldenburg 合作課程,請參附件。 PDF: summer school course -co-conducted with University Oldenburg, Germany2015 Energy Summer Course